Cooking for Virgo

Plain & Simple

In Astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Just as the planets guide our greater destiny, the food we eat is governed in the same way. VIRGO, the 6th sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet MERCURY. These two primarily rule foods that are seeds, nuts, grains, and vegetarian.

VIRGO AS COOK Cooking under the sign of Virgo results in dishes that are plain and simple yet healthy. They tend to be vegan or macrobiotic or some health regime. They should make sure to add culinary herbs that will help the stomach digest food well.

ENTERTAINING A VIRGO? Virgo likes easy to digest foods that are simple to eat. They like to eat what’s right for them. They don’t eat for taste buds, but they eat for the good of the body. They eat as healthy as possible. Body assimilated food energy created. Likes variety. Virgos also need to watch out for a nervous stomach, and benefit from eating in a gentle and relaxed way. The more they can eat at home and cook their own meals slowly and mindfully, the better.

LOOKING FOR A SIMPLE FOOD EXPERIENCE . . . . A little protein in their diet will help build and strengthen their blood and nerves. Whole grains are strengthening for Virgos.