Cooking for Virgo

Clean, Tidy & Nutritious

The knowledge of the planets guiding our life’s destiny extends to the foods we eat. The 6th sign in the zodiac, VIRGO, is ruled by the planet MERCURY and these two primarily rule foods that are pure and most suitable for vegetarians and vegan type eaters.

VIRGO AS COOK Dishes that are plain and simple yet healthy, balanced and nutritious are a Virgo cooks’ specialty. They are one of two signs in the zodiac that routinely know how to prepare vegetarian, vegan or macrobiotic diets. You will find them at the Farmer’s Market choosing just the perfect produce and would rarely send someone to do it for them. The Virgo cook is less concerned with the looks or bold taste of their meals or using a variety of ingredients all at once. Instead they are focused on its nutritional value. 

EATING WITH VIRGO “Back to Basics”, the Virgo eater likes simple meals. They certainly don’t eat for their taste buds, instead they eat for the good of their body. They like to eat what’s right in the way of nutrition for them, eating as healthy as possible for the best digestion. They prefer their foods to be all natural or organic, grown without pesticides, nor on a mass scale. Virgo’s benefit from eating in a gentle and relaxed way and the more they can eat at home at their pace and mindfully, the better. When you are dining out, more than likely, the Virgo of the group will prefer a healthier option like salad versus the fried foods offered.