Cooking for Capricorn

Deep, Dark & Dry

In Astrology, the characteristics of each ruling planet and corresponding zodiac sign often bear similarities to the season they represent. SATURN, the ruling planet of CAPRICORN, is ruler of the 10th house. These influences primarily rule foods that are dark to black in color, grow in dark conditions (such as many root vegetables), and end up being dried.

CAPRICORN AS COOK Walk into a Capricorn’s kitchen and notice the family heirlooms all around. They have equipment that’s essential and their workspace is clutter free. Their choice of meals that they prepare are familiar and not heavy. This thrifty, conservative food shopper wouldn’t skimp on ingredients and would buy the best. It’s the time of year when fresh food is scarce and a Capricorn has learned how to use what’s available and what has been canned to make the best of what they have. They do best on a schedule, so structure is essential for them. Capricorns plan carefully and will be ready for their guests when they arrive.

EATING WITH CAPRICORN People ruled by the sign of Capricorn tend to have a thin body type as they believe that less is more. They really don’t care about eating so much and their diets are simple, generally consisting of meat and potatoes. Basically they eat for necessity. They don’t focus on food pleasures and just eat what’s in front of them as they care more about working than eating. Capricorn’s will choose to eat hearty foods or anything that will keep fuel in their tank for a long time. Eating milk chocolate and refined sugar is bad for Capricorn’s skin and their constitutions are not accustomed to highly seasoned and spicy food.