Cooking for Aquarius

New Adventures with Food

Astrologically speaking, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, and just as the planets guide our greater destiny, the foods we eat are governed in a similar way. AQUARIUS, the 11th sign in the zodiac and ruler of the 11th house, is governed by the planet URANUS. Unique in their way of doing things, Aquarius rules foods and cooking techniques that are new and unusual.

AQUARIUS AS COOK The most unpredictable of all the signs, Aquarius is hard to classify and their personal expression is always theirs alone. They are the sign of the future and an Aquarian cooks curiosity about what is ‘up and coming’ compels them to try, test, or invent things that are new, different and unusual, even in the area of food. Equipment developed to meet those new fangled needs include the microwave oven and soux vide machine. A signature Aquarian meal presentation is when the chef serves a tiny meal in the center of a large plate that is drizzled with a thickened sauce.

EATING WITH AN AQUARIAN Aquarius rules ‘New Age’, and the foods of this sign reflect that. The Aquarian eater is always open to being introduced to new foods, loves to experiment, and will even try fad diets in their quest for ‘different and uncommon’ twist on eating healthier. A popular Aquarian trend is the act of placing the written words such as ‘love’, and ‘gratitude’, on a drinking water container to have a positive effect on the structure of the water inside. Eating alone is usually not a choice for this sign, who loves far out company and interesting conversation.