Cooking for Cancer

Comfort Foods

As the comforter and nurturer of the zodiac, the MOON is representative of the Mother. It is the ruler of the sign of Cancer, another ruler of nurturing and safety, found to represent the 4th House of the zodiac wheel. Naturally the foods of Cancer are those that a cook would make to help make the eater feel good and comfortable.

CANCER AS COOK Many great chefs are born in the sign of Cancer as it is the part of the zodiac that has an affinity with food. The kitchen is a number one creative outlet for the sign with the strongest maternal instincts. These cooks know just what to prepare to calm a mood, and use plenty of dairy products to do so. Known as the center of the family, this is a place in the home to usually find Mom. Should you happen to stay at a Bed & Breakfast run by a Cancer, the morning meal would be exceptional with fresh everything and delicious. Cancer matrons love their home and family and want to do the best for them, including keeping them full. They will serve generous portions and have enough for seconds. 

EATING FOR CANCER When feeling stressed or off balance, Cancer eats to give themselves love and emotional nurturing, a form of security. They like comforting foods and can sometimes eat for the wrong reasons. More than likely this sign will skip the caffeine fix and opt for the melon juices that deliver liquid nutrients straight to their cells. You probably won’t experience a Cancer ordering hot and spicey foods as they tend to have a delicate stomach and can’t tolerate the heat.