Cooking for Scorpio

Foods that Bite Back

In Astrology, the planet PLUTO rules over the sign of SCORPIO which is the sign that rules the 8th house. Typically foods associated or ruled by these aspects have indistinguishable qualities of being dark red, pungent or hidden.

SCORPIO AS COOK One thing is consistent about a typical Scorpio cook, and that is the depth of total involvement in, and attention to their work. The Scorpio will be happiest when they are convinced their work is really important. Their secretive nature can keep you guessing as to what they will serve and if you ask, they may be reluctant to share their custom recipes. If you try and assist in the kitchen, don’t be put off if you are not welcome. They really don’t want anyone there with them. Scorpian’s prefer to be left alone and make a dinner by themselves and then surprise their audience.

EATING WITH SCORPIO With a personal magnetism in which there is always something dynamic, exciting and fascinating about them. Scorpios have a desire for the unexpected. It may take you by surprise that they like strong pungent tasting foods and their meat rare. Since Scorpio rules sex and sex organs, phallic foods are ruled by this sign. Just like their intense personal nature, a Scorpio’s food choices can be as extreme. You’ll find them in clubs and restaurants with low lighting, usually seated in dark corners or intimate areas.