Cooking for Leo

Expensive & Extravagant

In Astrology, the SUN is considered a ruling ‘planet’ and just like all the others, it rules the zodiac sign it is most align with. LEO, the 5th sign in the zodiac is synonymous with the 5th house of the zodiac. As the planets guide our greater destiny, the food we eat is governed in a similar same way. Exotic and expensive foods are the most desired for the sign that needs no boundaries.

LEO AS COOK Known as ‘Kings of the(ir) Kitchen’, Leo like to have people help as they are of a group-oriented sign. They are the least likely to skimp on the meals they prepare as Leo prefers quality foods and will get the best they can afford. A sign of creativity, cooking can be an artistic outlet for them to prepare dinners that are memorable and special.

Leo likes to entertain and be entertained. They’ll eat (most) anything of quality, whether it’s good for you or not. When planning the seating arrangement for your next gathering, your Leo guest of honor will appreciate you seating them at the head of the table. The Leo eater likes their meals to be beautiful, colorful, artistic and even dramatic. A fancy presentation of a flambé dish or dessert will catch their attention. Leos are compelled to seek out high-end establishments. They’re not concerned about budget, they just want the best. As a rule, Leos live healthy lives, however, they must learn to monitor their extravagant life styles and eating habits to avoid the risk of heart attack.