Cooking for Libra

Sweet Treats

In Astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Just as the planets guide our greater destiny, the food we eat is governed in the same way. LIBRA, the 7th sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet VENUS. These two primarily rule foods that are red, pungent, bitter, thorny, spicey and firey.

LIBRA AS COOK Not good in the kitchen if they are upset. Must be harmonious. Food that is elegantly prepared and pleasing to look at will help stimulate their digestion.

ENTERTAINING A LIBRA Libra’s are interesting people to eat with. Beauty and taste. Looks, taste, atmosphere are all important. Plates and flowers. Libran’s like interesting people to eat with. Candles, garnishes, atmosphere are important.

LOOKING FOR A WELL BALANCED MEAL . . . ? Fruit trees and edible flowers. All deserts, especially berry pies. Dried fruits. Sweets. Because their kidneys are at risk, it is important for Libras to flush their systems of toxins periodically with salads, radishes, and citrus fruits. They also should avoid junk foods and beverages.