Cooking for Libra

Beautiful & Balanced

Influenced by its planetary ruler VENUS, the planet of love and beauty, the sign of LIBRA also reflects its love of balance and harmony. Libra, synonymous with the 7th house of the zodiac, extends balance to the foods and dishes that it represents. 

LIBRA AS COOK Cooking to create beauty for the enjoyment of others, the Libra cook must be in a harmonious mood for the meal to turn out as planned. Food that is elegantly prepared and pleasing brings a joy that they extend to their friends and family. Libra is the sign of sophistication, and a Libra cook will be as concerned with the presentation and quality of their dishes, as they are with the taste of the meal. Being the sign of ‘looks are everything’, it’s not enough for a Libra cook to make a dessert with frosting. They would add sprinkles and other embellishments on top.

EATING WITH A LIBRA Libra’s are interesting people who like to eat with other interesting people. They will enjoy sharing their meal time one-on-one or with compatible others, as Libra abhors dining alone. They enjoy and appreciate beauty and atmosphere wherever they are seated. The ornate plates and glasses, napkin holders, flowers in a vase and candles on the table are all important touches. Appealing to their Venus side, the Libra eater enjoys dining ‘al fresco’ (outdoors), preferably in the most elegant, deliberately planted, manicured garden.