Cooking for Pisces

Catch of the Day

From the great ruler of the seas, foods governed by the planet NEPTUNE and the sign of PISCES, which also represents the 12th house, are those that come primarily from the sea or ocean. Also included are mucilaginous and gelatinous foods and ingredients.

PISCES AS COOK Most disorganized in the kitchen, a Pisces cook usually doesn’t have a plan. They are intuitive enough to magically put together a meal. The most selfless of all the signs, Pisces prefers to present a favorite dish of their guest over deciding to put together a menu of their own. The need to create hope and beauty in bleak environments is a strong motivator for Pisces, who serves others by using food as a healing, soothing, pain distractor. 

EATING WITH PISCES Pisceans tend to be translucent and foggy. As this last sign of the Zodiac contains characteristics of all the other signs, the Pisces eater could have a very omnivorous diet, liking many different things, or a little bit of everything, depending on how they feel at that moment. They may not say “no” to a dish, especially if it was made just for them, as they don’t want to hurt the feelings of their host. They have a tendency to become addicted to certain foods or beverages. As a treat, invite a Piscean to a meal at a seaside restaurant or one near a large body of water. They may find an outdoor experience on the patio with a gentle breeze and a dish featuring fresh caught fish of the day just the thing to please them.