Cooking for Sagittarius

International Cuisine

Each planet rules a particular zodiac sign and for SAGITTARIUS, the ruler of the 9th house, JUPITER is its cosmic planetary influencer. Separately and together, they rule foods that are part of international cuisines. 

SAGITTARIUS AS COOK Sagittarians like to cook and their kitchen is a creative outlet for them. With cupboards full of ingredients from all over the world, they can put together dishes with exotic tastes that aren’t experienced everyday. Always focused on growth, this cook could begin their cooking career with a food cart and then morph into a five-star restaurant that features ethnic cuisines.

EATING WITH A SAG? Known for their love of life, Sagittarians usually have a very strong constitution and can handle a lot of intense foods. They like diversity in their menu, are most curious, and they prefer to try different foods, especially dishes from far away. Ever the explorer, the Sagittarian eater will always try a new, different, or unusual restaurant. They will go out of their way to experience any ethnic food diversity in their home town and those with extreme food curiosity will travel to try them. Watch out as this is the sign that rules expansion and excess and people who tend to over eat. They don’t know when to quit, especially when they are really enjoying the food and in turn over indulge.