Cooking for Sagittarius

Culinary Diversity

In Astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Just as the planets guide our greater destiny, the food we eat is governed in the same way. SAGITTARIUS, the 9th sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet JUPITER. These two primarily rule foods that are culturally diverse. SAGITTARIUS AS COOK Sagittarians like to cook. They are the general in charge, the one who instructs the groups. Doesn’t do anything, just makes the plan. Not adverse to help. Sagittarius experiments with dishes from far away. Buy cutting edge gadgets, newest in kitchen.

ENTERTAINING A SAGITTARIAN Likes to eat outside, al fresco. Picnics, camp fires. Likes to eat a variety of foods. Known for their love of life, Sagittarians usually have a very stron constitution and can handle a lot of different food. They like diversity in their menu, and are most curious, and they like to try different things especially dishes from far away. Tend to over eat. Don’t know when to quit. Over indulge.

LOOKING FOR CULINARY DIVERSITY? Salads, bulb root vegetables, and mints.