Cooking for Taurus

Sensuous Eating

In astrology, each zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Just as the planets guide our greater destiny, the food we eat is governed in the same way. TAURUS, the 2nd sign in the zodiac, is ruled by the planet VENUS. These two primarily rule foods that are beans, sweets, or greens.

TAURUS AS COOK Aesthetics are important. The look, taste, smell, feel along with the surroundings. Conservative in approach to food, Taureans like familiar, tried and true recipes. Patient, thorough artisans, their work looks poetic and embellished. They are known as good bakers as baking is exacting and an artisans form. They are patient in the kitchen and are more likely to use longer more involved recipes. Thorough and good at following steps.

ENTERTAINING A TAUREAN Taurus likes to be comfortable in their surroundings. When the weather permits, they prefers to eat in a back yard, patio or picnic setting, otherwise known as dining ‘Al Fresco’. Otherwise, Taureans enjoy a good restaurant. They love comfort foods & desserts. They are slow, sensuous eaters and have a tendency to go for seconds, and at times, overeat. Familiarity is comfort, and they tend to order what they recognize or have had before. They don’t like surprises in their food.

LOOKING FOR SENSUOUS EATING? Foods that you can count on as tried and trued. Foods like beans, bakery goods and sweets and beef are ruled by the Taurean sign.