Cooking for Taurus

Sensuous Eating

In astrology, certain planets rule more than one sign. In this case, VENUS, the ruler of love and beauty, shares its rulership with TAURUS, the 2nd sign in the zodiac, which is synonymous with the 2nd house of a zodiac wheel. The rulership of foods for protein, natural sweets, or something that is familiar are influenced by this area of the zodiac.

TAURUS AS COOK Aesthetics are important to a Taurus. The look, taste, smell, feel of food along with the surroundings are key. Conservative in their approach to food, Taureans like to prepare and eat familiar, tried and true recipes. Patient and thorough artisans, their preparations look poetic. They are patient in the kitchen and are more likely to use longer more involved recipes. They are known as good bakers as baking is exacting and an artisans form. Thorough and good at following steps.

ENTERTAINING A TAUREAN Taurus likes to be comfortable in their surroundings. When the weather permits, they prefers to eat in a rustic, back yard, patio, or picnic setting, otherwise known as dining ‘Al Fresco’. When eating out, Taureans enjoy a good quality restaurant serving comfort foods & well-made desserts. They don’t like surprises in their food.