Cooking for Gemini

Variety for the Palette

The 3rd sign in the zodiac, Gemini, is ruled by the planet MERCURY. This zodiac sign rules foods that are of great variety. If you are not quite sure what you’re wanting to eat, look no further.

Light and friendly, with lots of talking going on, Gemini’s are avid readers and good instructors sometimes more interested in that then they are in actually cooking. One way to satisfy your Gemini guest is to simply offer take out food or food that’s delivered. Gemini eaters don’t like the same thing all the time, as they prefer variety in small portions, making for a versatile Gemini cook or chef and tend to have a large collection of recipes and cookbooks. Pupus, Appetizers, Hor’s douvres, all finger foods, are their specialty. 

A meal for Gemini can also be a social occasion, when arriving to a room filled with diners. They are varied eaters who like to try new local things, are lively, talkative and like to explore. Conversation and variety are important to Gemini. To make their day, take them to eat at a local food cart, buffet, or take out.