CARROT PADDLES – Otherwise known as carrot latkes, these simple to make pancakes are a great appetizer for any occasion. Easy and quick to put together, they go well with a dip or served plain.


With a base of carrots (Mercury), flour and bread crumbs (Gemini), these ingredients are held together with eggs, and spiced with garlic, salt and pepper.

Simply grate the carrots and mix with all of the other ingredients. A touch of garlic (Aries) gives a taste boost to the carrots that usually are considered plain, although they have a hint of natural sweet taste.


If you find that these don’t have enough herbs or spices for you, try drizzling a dill sauce or even a pistachio paste on your paddle.

Even though carrots are classified as a root vegetable, they are ruled by the planet Mercury, which rules both the signs of Gemini and Virgo. This information is confirmed by John Gadbury, a former student of William Lilly, historical master par excellence of horary technique.

Gemini, the sign which rules the eyes, naturally rules carrots as they are known to be beneficial to the eyes. This association is also covered in the Doctrine of Signatures (more on that later). If you were to slice a carrot crosswise, the image inside is that of the iris and cornea of the eye.

Carrots are also beneficial to the lungs, another organ of the body that is ruled by Gemini.