CREAMY DILL DRESSING – It’s no wonder that this recipe would turn (just about) anyone into a dill lover.

Ruled by the sign of Leo, this recipe is much more than any ordinary dressing. The combination of ingredients results in something made for a King.

Starting with creamy sour cream (ruled by Cancer) and mayonnaise (Leo) as the base, these two are easily whisked together.

By adding the Parmesan cheese (Cancer), Worcestershire sauce (Scorpio), and garlic (Aries), these ingredients are interesting accents to the main focus, dill (Leo).

Not only is dill ruled by Leo, but the recipe for the Creamy Dill Dressing in “Cooking for Leo: Exotic, Expensive, & Exclusive” is bold and doesn’t go unnoticed.

So many of the recipes in these books crossover and could be ruled by other signs, but usually there’s one or two ingredients that make it more distinct for the sign it’s included under.

This dressing borders on being ruled by the sign of Cancer, due to the sour cream and Parmesan cheese, which are essential in this recipe. The additional ingredients make it bolder that those Comfort Foods combinations of Cancer.

Additionally, the herb dill is jointly ruled by Virgo. Known as the sign that rules all culinary herbs, dill is in that category. Yet, dill is also ruled by Leo.