CHICKEN TETRAZZINI – This years Christmas Day meal was unlike anything traditional. Now that we’re in the stage of cooking all the recipes in each of the 12 cookbooks, it’s a matter of every meal that’s eaten must come out of the books. Turkey and stuffing (Gemini) have already been tested, as there’s plenty of holidays that claim that combination, and Ham meal wasn’t considered although Ham and Pineapple (Libra) are yet to be cooked.

Choosing from the “Cooking for Cancer: Comfort Foods”, we chose Chicken Tetrazzini. This casserole-style dish is based on chicken (Cancer), linguini, and cream (Cancer) for ingredients. Additionally, there’s mushrooms sautéd with onions in wine, and peas (Cancer). Thyme, an herb ruled by Cancer, gets added to the mushroom mixture.

In the picture, you’ll see that there’s a generous amount of thyme that surrounds the garlic. This is the reason that all recipes are being tested as the references that we get our information from always needs to be modified for one reason or the other. Typos, errors in translation, within the amounts of each ingredient, can cause unwanted results.

This recipe is classic Cancer, as pasta and cream are considered ‘Comfort Foods’.